Shaper cutters

According to your specific application conditions


We manufacture shaper cutters as a disc type, boss type or shank type.

Shaper cutters can be produced for straight or helical involute gears. Chamfer, root fillet, tip relief and protuberance are possible modifications that can be combined with each other. Shaper cutters for spline shafts, chain wheels, sprocket wheels, locking wheels, as well as special profiles are in our production program. We manufacture all feasible profiles and dimensions according to your specific application.


Module0.7 mm up to 12 mm
DiameterØ 12 mm up to Ø 315 mm
QualityClasses AA, A acc. to DIN 1829
MaterialPowder Metal Steels (PM) and High-Speed-Steels (HSS)
CoatingMostly Chrome based coatings