PWS - Quality that obligates

The managing director and all employees of the company declare the liability of the following quality obligations and insist on fulfilling these goals through personal commitment and if necessary to outbid them. Here, the concerns of environmental protection are considered.

In order to meet the requirements of the company, PWS Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH has voluntarily introduced a quality management system. A quality management representative is appointed as the management representative for these tasks and equipped with the necessary skills.

At the center of our entrepreneurial activity is the satisfaction of our customers. Through punctual, complete and error-free work, we want to continue to secure and improve customer satisfaction and promote an open dialogue with the public.

We want to motivate our employees, expand their qualifications and maintain their jobs. The highest maxim of all employees is customer orientation, product quality, punctuality and openness to innovative innovations.

The workforce declares its obligation to observe the principles of environmental protection, to avoid adverse effects on the environment and to consider possible environmental influences (with regard to soil, air and water) for new products.

To accomplish our present and future tasks, we combine practical experience with a high level of innovation and environmental protection.

We demand and promote initiative and innovation, the development of our own ideas as well as a cross-divisional cooperation of all divisions.

When planning and implementing new processes, the company is based on state-of-the-art technology. The environmental and quality impacts of each new activity, every new product and every new process are assessed in advance.

The company works with authorities, other companies and the public in a trusting and open manner. This includes the neighborly relationship with the residents.

We are connected to our home region and show this in advertising statements as well as in company appearances.

In the event of deviations from the above objectives, the company management has a corrective effect on business operations in order to continuously ensure the sustainable development of quality-compliant products at all times.

In the marketing of products and services, the existence of the company and thus the securing of jobs is justified. Only in the totality of innovation combined with the highest quality requirements, taking into account all imaginable ecological aspects, are the customers convinced of the efficiency of the company and its products and services.



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